Meet Tim McCarthy, a Parsons alumnus and the visionary behind Design Haus, where art and design converge. As the principal, designer, and creative director of this innovative venture, Tim brings over two decades of experience, honed while serving as a Creative Director for a global media entity where he mastered the art of branding.

In 2019, Tim took a bold step toward his passion and embarked on a journey to create designs that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply rooted in decades of disciplined design and his core sense of aesthetic. His design philosophy draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and Scandinavian principles, resulting in a portfolio of modern and striking creations.

Tim's expertise spans various mediums, from his primary training in graphic design to captivating paintings, prints and textile designs. His dedication to curating unique items ensures that every piece embodies a distinct blend of style and functionality.

Artist Statement

“I firmly believe in the power of art and design to shape our surroundings and influence our state of mind. My creations are designed with the intent to make you feel not only a sense of well-being through balance, texture, form and palette but also undeniably firm in your own convictions.” — Tim McCarthy, Founder Design Haus